Biscotti – Chocolate Dipped

With December comes lots of holiday activity here at Lift Bridge Brewery. That includes bottling one of our favorite beers – Biscotti – Chocolate Dipped (formerly known as Biscotti). This year we decided to change up the recipe to give you guys something new to enjoy over the holiday season. Chocolate Dipped Biscotti has sweet flavors of biscuits and vanilla. It is also malty, nutty and has hints of chocolate with subtle hop character. Pre-order yours HERE

About The Beer:
7.75% ABV, 23 IBU Delight your senses with this holiday treat of golden and amber malts, vanilla, and cocoa nibs. Inspired by the Italian Christmas tradition of baking biscotti cookies, this delight to the senses is best enjoyed withfamily and friends and should be served in a 12 ounce footed glass and allowed to warm to 50 degrees for maximum enjoyment.

What’s it like to bottle a specialty beer?
Bottling a specialty beer is like bottling any other beer with a few exceptions. The beer starts in our bright beer tank and is carbonated. To bottle the beer we use our 4 -head large format bottling filler as opposed to the six head Meheen we use to bottle our 12oz format. The 4-head filler and Meheen both fill bottles with counter pressure. The big difference is that with the 4-head filler the bottling is all manual. The bottles are filled by pushing and pulling levers. Once the bottle is filled it is sent to the next person to have a crown applied. The bottle is then rinsed and sent down a conveyor to have the beer label applied. Once labeled, the bottles get a heat shrink foil applied over the crown for a nice finished look. At this point the bottles are put in cases and are ready for market.A normal bottling day consists of two people working the line. When we are bottling specialty beers we need 5-6 people to accomplish our goal. Specialty bottling days are always fun because you get to do something different and work closely with a great crew.

Come to the Party
Join us for the special release event for Biscotti – Chocolate Dipped on Saturday, December 9th from 5pm-10pm! This event is FREE to the public. Purchase limited edition 750ml bottles of Biscotti™ – Chocolate Dipped at the brewery the day of the event or pre-order yours HERE. Our annual adult bake-off will also take place during this event! The general public can taste the treats after the judges and offer a vote for ‘People’s Choice’. The party starts at 5:00pm, but you can come early and check out the Potters Show from noon-5pm.
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