Crowler FAQs

Q: What is a Crowler?
A: A crowler is a 750ml (25.4 oz) can of beer that is filled directly from our draft system and fusion seamed on site. The size is dictated by the State of MN for taproom sales.

Q: How long will my Crowler last?
A: Always keep your crowler cold and unopened until you are ready to consume. A cold, unopened crowler will keep it’s freshness for up to 30 days from purchase. We rotate crowlers to assure you have the freshest beer possible!

Q: What do I do after I drink my Crowler?
A: The aluminum can is 100% recyclable, so please deposit the empty can in the proper receptacle. Return to your favorite local brewery and purchase more crowlers!

Q: What do I do with all of my glass growlers?
A: We will still fill your glass 64 oz growlers or any other 64 oz vessel on site, assuming that it is clean (we will not clean it, nor will we fill a dirty growler with fresh delicious beer). Always rinse your reusable growlers with super hot water immediately after drinking and let dry without the cap on it. We will not be buying back growlers, so if you really do not want to fill it with beer check out pinterest for Open

Nature's Beer Cooler πŸ•οΈ
Here for a good time ✨
Cosmo is available in our Cocktail Series Variety 12-pack alongside Grape Ape, Lemondrop, and Paloma! Find Cocktail Series near you πŸ‘‰
Take a cue and grab some Grape Ape. 🎱
Grape Ape is available now in over 400 liquor stores + bars across our distribution footprint. Hit the link in our bio to find Grape Ape near you πŸ“
#NationalDonutDay you say? We have just the thing.
Our Mini Donut Cream Soda! The creamy, cinnamon profile is reminiscent of their wildly popular Minnesota State Fair staple, the Mini Donut Beer. Take a trip down memory lane with this frothy, non-alcoholic treat!
Mini Donut Cream Soda is always available at both @liftbridgestillwater & @liftbridgenewrichmond and is available in stores across our distribution territory. Find Mini Donut Cream Soda near you via our beverage finder in our bio!
Talk just got a little more fun!
Have you met Shirley yet? Dirty Shirley is the grown up version of the classic lemon-lime soda with cherry flavor featuring organic vodka. Crafted in collaboration with @liftbridge and @mytalk1071 , the Twin Cities leading talk radio station.
Dirty Shirley is making her way to liquor stores RIGHT NOW, use the link in our bio to find Dirty Shirley near you.
🚨FYI Dirty Shirley is not available at our taprooms. Since Dirty Shirley is a vodka seltzer we are not able to sell it direct. Find it at the link in our bio near you!
Weekend Mood 😎
Have you tried our Cocktail Series Variety Pack yet?! Which one is your fav? Grape Ape, Cosmo, Lemondrop, or Paloma?
Let us know in the comments! πŸ‘‡
Find Cocktail Series near you πŸ‘‰
Three Day Weekend Essentials βœ”οΈ
Our Blonde Variety Twelve Pack contains 3 cans each of Mango, Pineapple, Grapefruit, and Berry Blondes! β˜€οΈ
Find Blonde Variety Packs at a store near you πŸ‘‰
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