Mini Donut Cream Soda

In 2013 we were the first Minnesota brewery to launch a State Fair-inspired brew with the introduction of the Lift Bridge Mini Donut Beer. The golden brown ale with a cinnamon sugar rim rapidly became a crowd favorite and spawned the creation of additional fair-inspired beverages from other brands. Between the success of our first soda and our Mini Donut Beer, we’ve determined a combination of the two would create the perfect beverage to officially kick off the new Lift Bridge Soda Company!

Expanding Lift Bridge Soda Co. and creating Mini Donut Cream Soda are great examples of the innovation and creativity that drive our business and the entire craft beverage industry forward. With the launch of this new brand, we’re able to further expand our manufacturing capabilities while reaching consumers who want affordable ‘luxury beverages’ with a bit more attention to flavor and style.

The all new Lift Bridge Mini Donut Cream Soda can was designed by St. Paul-based Studio2 and captures the essence of our Mini Donut Beer from the State Fair in a year-round, soda form. Using filtered water with pure sugar, adding a blend of vanilla and cinnamon flavoring creating a lightly carbonated refreshment with the taste and aroma of mini-donuts.

We will continue to conceptualize and craft its tantalizing flavors from the brewery in Stillwater, with plans to launch additional soda flavors in the near future.

Lift Bridge beers and sodas can be found throughout Minnesota and Wisconsin, and in Eastern North Dakota. To learn more about our soda, visit