Mini-Donut Days FAQ

Thank you for your support throughout the 2022 Minnesota State Fair! We know you all went donuts over our Mini Donut & Key Lime Pie Beer… Good news! We have some left for you to enjoy! Below are details on how to get your hands on these delicious beers.

When can I get Mini Donut and Key Lime Pie Beer?
Starting on Wednesday, September 14th at 3PM

Will the beers be on tap?
Yes! Both beers will be available in the Stillwater & New Richmond Taprooms on tap. This includes the sugar rimmed cups too.

Will the beers be available in crowlers?
Yes! Mini-Donut & Key Lime Pie Beer will be available in crowlers to take home. You will also get a container of the sugar to add to your own cups at home.

Can I reserve or pre-order either of the beers?
No, we will not be doing any pre-orders for Mini-Donut or Key Lime Pie Beer. We have a limited supply and will work under the first come first served order.

Can I get either beers at a liquor store or in a restaurant?
Both beers will only be available in our Stillwater and New Richmond Taprooms during taproom hours.

How much will a crowler cost?
The specialty crowlers will cost $14 each.

How many crowlers can I purchase?
The limit does not exist! Well it does since we have a limited supply, but each person does not have a purchase limit on these specialty crowlers

Will Mini-Donut & Key Lime Pie Beer be available all year?
No, unfortunately we only have a limited supply after this year’s Minnesota State Fair. Once we are out, we are out!

How do I know if Lift Bridge still has crowlers available or these beers are on tap?
Check out our social media pages! We will post when we are out of a product and in which form.

Hope to see you in the taproom soon!