Seltzer Cocktail Recipes

Lift Bridge Hard Seltzers are here in 6 packs and Variety Packs. They are great on their own but if you’re looking to elevate them they also make for some creative cocktails! We’ve put together a few recipes for you to try:

Cape Cod Juice Box
In a tall ice filled glass mix:
– 2oz your favorite vodka
– 8 oz Northwoods Juice Box Seltzer
– Large lemon wedge squeezed
– Garnish with an apple slice

St. Croix Berries Mojito
In a tall ice filled glass mix:
– 1 strawberry
– 1 tsp sugar and muddle
– Add 2 oz your favorite Rum
– 8 oz St. Croix Berries Seltzer
– Fill with ice and stir

Voyageur’s Gin Spritzer
In a tall ice filled glass mix:
– 2 oz your favorite Gin
– 8 oz Voyageurs Citrus Seltzer
– Large lime wedge squeezed
– Garnish with a lime peel twirl