State Fair Week at Lift Bridge Brewery

Lift Bridge Brewery is excited to announce that its most sought out and limited beers “Mini-Donut” and “Key Lime Pie” will be available this year! Through special provisions from the State Fair Board to maintain its “exclusive” status, Lift Bridge will be able to sell both Mini-Donut and Key Lime Pie beers for Taproom customers only, in the form of pints to drink onsite and, for the first time ever, 750ml crowlers to go (SOLD OUT)!

***UPDATE 9/2/2020***
We’ve had an amazing start to State Fair Week at Lift Bridge Brewery. We’re blown away by the cooperation in following our COVID guidelines and support we’ve received from beer lovers like you. With that being said, we’ve sold many more pints than anticipated and have come down to our last few kegs of both Mini Donut beer and Key Lime pie beer. Because ticket sales were spaced out for crowler pick up, we will be rationing the remaining kegs through Labor day. We will serve a limited number of pints of each per day, on a first come first serve basis.
We do not know how long these will last, so we apologize in advance if you come out and they have already been sold.

***UPDATE 8/28/2020***
Thank you to everyone who attended State Fair Week kick off yesterday! The new systems implemented to align with current covid regulations are all in place, but we realize there are a few kinks we need to work out to make sure everyone is able to enjoy the event. So we’ve made a few updates and suggestions:

1. We ask that you go to our website and get your name on the wait list instant reservation system. This will also let you know if there is a wait or how many people are in front of you. Please be prepared to be seated within 5 minutes of your notification that your table is ready.

2. We ask groups to please keep your visit to 60 minutes or less to be considerate of others waiting.

3. For those of you picking up crowlers, please pick up on your scheduled day in order to make this event efficient and to not block roadways.

4. In order to use our table payment system, you will need a smartphone with the ability to scan QR codes and complete credit card transactions.

Just because Crowlers are sold out, doesn’t mean you cant get a pint of the world famous brew. Stop into the Taproom starting August 27th to enjoy it on site. We’ll be featuring live music every day of the week as well as a great food truck lineup. Check out the list below and plan your visit!

August 27th –
Band: Third Wheel Project
Food: Leo’s Grill & Malt Shop & Candyland, Stillwater

August 28th –
Band: Scrapegoat Skin & Bones
Food: Leo’s Grill & Malt Shop & Candyland, Stillwater

August 29th –
Band: Coming soon!
Food: Chef Shack Food Truck Minneapolis & Mac’s Mini’s

August 30th –
Band: The Von Tramps
Food: Chef Shack Food Truck Minneapolis

August 31st –
Band: High Rising
Food: Coming soon!

September 1st –
Band: Spokey Dokey
Food: Coming soon!

September 2nd –
Band: Mene Gene & The Woodticks
Food: Coming soon!

September 3rd –
Band: Third Wheel Project
Food: Blue Barn

September 4th –
Band: Cattail Moon
Food: Poncho Dogs & Minneapple Pie

September 5th –
Music: Coming soon!
Food: KCM EggRolls & Pretty Great Cheesecake

September 6th –
Band: O’Green
Food: Poncho Dogs & Minneapple Pie

September 7th –
Band: Coming Soon!
Food: Coming Soon!

For questions about the event, please email [email protected]